Dr. Jones specializes in keynote addresses at a variety of conferences, associations and workshops. He's also a passionate leadership development facilitator for half day or full day business and organizational events. In order to get a Return on your Investment, book Dr. Jones so that your staff can Succeed Before & Beyond the Finish line.


Dr. Samuel Jones' motivational and inspirational keynote presentations are inspiring and encouraging. His positive message will spark hope in your group as he delivers a custom-created speech just for your event. Your group will take away down-to-earth ideas on dealing with the challenges in their personal and professional lives, which will equip them to be more effective in your organization. Dr. Jones uses his personal story and experiences from his collegiate and professional basketball history that will engage your audiences' heart, soul and mind. He speaks regularly at a variety of events, conventions and conferences in settings of thousands of attendees, to smaller, more intimate settings, to church and community based groups. He often speaks on the topics of his books, or on a specific issue/concern that an organization wishes to address. His signature keynote address is titled "The Power to Make a Difference." In that speech, Dr. Jones inspires, encourages and give the audience practical strategies to use their power to make a difference in business and life.


All training conducted will implement the Experiential Learning Model so that participates can immediately learn and apply the principles that support the values that are important to organizational success.

Leadership Topics

  • Leading when you're not in charge
  • Adapt or Become Obsolete
  • Scoring G.O.A.L.s that Matter
Communication Topics
  • Listening to LIVE, LOVE & LEAD
  • Do more than Communicate...Connect
  • Communicate for a Change & for a Cause
Personal Development Topics
  • The A,B,C's to Dis-Cover Yourself
  • 7 Habits to Winning Before & Beyond the Finish Line
  • Academic Impostors Only: 5 Ways to turn your Mess into a Mission
  • Closing the gap between Average & Excellence

Dr. Jones will create a 'Life Changing' atmosphere within your organization as he encourage your personnel to achieve greater success through their service.


  • "Dr. Jones is an excellent communicator and connector!!! He is a psychologist at heart."

    Laura McMahon
    Holmes Community College
  • "The BEST Strategic Planning session I have ever attended. Sam led us to look within ourselves for ideas and solutions and made sure we shared them with each other."

    Doug Gautier
    Navigator Credit Union
  • "Passionate facilitator who inspires others to achieve excellence...a dynamic speaker and motivator who leads by example."

    Ryan Pratt
    Attorney / Mediator
    Pratt Law Firm, PLL


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