Dr. Jones specializes in keynote addresses at a variety of conferences, associations and workshops. He's also a passionate leadership development facilitator for half day or full day business and organizational events. In order to get a Return on your Investment, book Dr. Jones so that your staff can Succeed Before & Beyond the Finish line.


Dr. Samuel Jones' motivational and inspirational keynote presentations are inspiring and encouraging. His positive message will spark hope in your group as he delivers a custom-created speech just for your event. Your group will take away down-to-earth ideas on dealing with the challenges in their personal and professional lives, which will equip them to be more effective in your organization. Dr. Jones uses his personal story and experiences from his collegiate and professional basketball history that will engage your audiences' heart, soul and mind. He speaks regularly at a variety of events, conventions and conferences in settings of thousands of attendees, to smaller, more intimate settings, to church and community based groups. He often speaks on the topics of his books, or on a specific issue/concern that an organization wishes to address. His signature keynote address is titled "The Power to Make a Difference." In that speech, Dr. Jones inspires, encourages and give the audience practical strategies to use their power to make a difference in business and life.


Raise the bar...and JUMP! (45 Min - 1.5 Hour Session or Keynote Format)

One of the most painful things to see is a bold, confident leader fall into the trap of mediocrity and low expectations. Even when everything around them is changing, they fail to see the need to constantly improve. This program is designed to help participants continue to raise the bar of their expectations in order to accomplish the goals that have been designed.

Key Learning Takeaways

  • Participants will learn how to deepen the purpose of their work
  • Participants will learn proven strategies to improve their performance
  • Participants will cultivate a plan to cultivate partnerships for success in work and life

Closing the Gap Between Average & Excellence (1-2 Hour Session or Keynote Format)

Like a doctor monitoring a patient during times of a health crisis, all levels of the leadership team of organizations must be clear and impartial about critical business obligations in those challenging times. And when things do take a down turn (whether the economy, new and inexperienced leadership, or regulations), the main thing no longer becomes the main thing – and no organization can survive being average. This program is designed to help individuals & organizations use their creative power to expose potential 'Average' tendencies in order to transition to habits of 'Excellence'.

Key Learning Takeaways

  • Participants will learn 3 basic components that distinguish avg. tendencies vs. habits of excellence
  • Participants will learn 5 reasons why leaders fail
  • Participants will learn 6 leadership tactics that create excellence in any economy
  • Participants will create a blue print to successful lead through a crisis

Executing Renewed Expectations (Leadership, Inclusion & Diversity Program – Keynote or Half-Day)

It doesn't matter what race, color, sex, or religion that we identify with, everyone expects to work and live in an environment free from behavior that could be interpreted as discrimination or harassment. Although some workplace behavior is easy to identify as inappropriate, many actions that may appear as innocent on the surface can be viewed as discrimination or harassment. This program is designed to assist participants with Executing Renewed Expectations as it relates to leadership and inclusion issues in the workplace.

Key Learning Takeaways

  • Participants will understand what constitutes inclusion issues in the workplace
  • Participants will learn how to identify behaviors that can be interpreted as discrimination and harassment
  • Participants will learn leadership strategies to respond to discrimination and harassment in the workplace and life.


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  • "Dr. Jones is a genuine and informed speaker, motivating team member, a gentleman and a leader."

    Ron Emery
    Director Of Business Development
    Roy Anderson Corporation
  • "Passionate facilitator who inspires others to achieve excellence...a dynamic speaker and motivator who leads by example."

    Ryan Pratt
    Attorney / Mediator
    Pratt Law Firm, PLL
  • "World Class Training!!!"

    Earline Smith
    Holmes Community College


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